Make Up Your Mind: Execute Your Vision for the New Year and Beyond

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Written by Ebony

December 31, 2019

Words are powerful.

Decisions are powerful. 

Putting words into action by making sound decisions and creating a plan of execution for those decisions … that’s astronomical.

I’ve established a reputation for being a great wordsmith, but I haven’t always been the best decision maker. 

This year I was determined to make better decisions in my personal and professional life, enabling me to hit certain goals and milestones.

From deciding to overcome trauma and use my experiences to help others to publishing a book or doubling my business’ revenue to identifying, targeting, and signing my ideal clients … I was determined to see my desires come to fruition.

I put my intentions in writing, and I created daily affirmations to say out loud and serve as reminders of my decisions, keeping me accountable to them. I wasn’t going to allow anything or anyone to stand in my way, not even myself.It wasn’t easy. There certainly was no instant gratification. But, I was determined and, slowly but surely, I began to see results. 

I will be ringing in the new year satisfied that I did everything I intended to do in 2019 and have set myself up for personal and professional success in 2020.

I want the same for you.

Today is “Make Up Your Mind Day” and it just so happens to be the last day of the year (and the decade)!

Instead of making resolutions you won’t keep, make some solid decisions, write down your intentions and create a plan of execution to carry those intentions out. Create a vision board to match your written intentions and daily affirmations that coincide with your decisions to keep you accountable. 

Be confident. Believe in yourself. Get laser-focused and execute your personal and professional vision for 2020 LIKE A BOSS!

You’ve got this!

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