Anti-Social: Week One of My Social Media Detox

Anti-Social: Week One of My Social Media Detox

Social media is a necessary evil for online entrepreneurs like me. It can be a useful business tool or a major distraction. It is a great connector and an inhibitor. Social media can motivate and inspire or trigger and discourage, diminishing one’s confidence and ability to keep “showing up”. Like I said … a necessary evil.

After such a nasty election season, I’d had my fill of social media and decided to take a break. I wanted to kill the noise that often comes with scrolling down a busy newsfeed and focus on my personal vision for 2021. I shared my thoughts with a mentor who quickly advised me to make some modifications to my plans. 

“Instead of going completely off the grid, just pull back a little.” She said.

She was right. As an author and coach, maintaining an online presence would be important. So, I decided not to completely fade to black. Instead, I would change the way I did social media. I immediately began brainstorming ways to spend less time scrolling through a maze of distractions while remaining closely connected to my clients and target audience.


Social Media Detox: Week One

As of today, it has already been a week since I pulled back in pursuit of balance. I feel more inspired and creative because I’m spending less time scrolling through the profiles of other authors and coaches, triggering impostor syndrome and causing me to feel inadequate by comparing myself to others. It is an exhilarating feeling and I’m already looking forward to what Week Two will bring.

I encourage you to come back next week to read about Week Two and how I’m working to use social media more effectively without getting lost in it.

Are you an online entrepreneur with a creative way of handling social media? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Coach Ebbie